Healthy fresh produce for nature lovers

Our mission is to provide 100% natural and organic fresh produce to our customers. We are committed to providing our customers with the best service.

Natural Products

Our veggies, fruits, and grocery are are procured from natural and organic farmers who practice farming methods with zero pesticides and no harmful chemicals.

Farm Fresh

The fresh produce directly goes from the farmer's hands to our customers as fresh as it comes. Our veggies baskets come with freshness satisfaction warranty.

Top Quality

We are committed to high-quality fresh organic and natural produce. Our products undergo various quality checks before it is available to our customers.

Home Delivery

Our home delivery service is reliable and trustworthy. We constantly aim to provide fastest & hassel-free delivery experience to our customers.

Subscription Baskets

Delivery plans are made for your lifestyle

Custom vegetables basket delivered to your door step. We offer a variety of organic vegetables and fruits from neighborhood farmers passionate in natural and organic farming practices.

Custom Selections

Get a custom basket of fruits and veggies you’ll love to have in kitchen.

We make it easy to order any combination of fruits and vegetables. You can mix and match your selection to get the perfect basket.

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How It Works

Download Mobile App

For your convenience, we have developed a mobile app which you can use to place order anytime, anywhere.

Subscribe to Monthly Plan

You can opt for Monthly subscription and enjoy the delivery on chosen day of the month.

Customize Basket Selections

You can customize your basket by removing or adding specific products as per your choice.

Enjoy the delivery
& Repeat

Our delivery expert will deliver your order to you, wherever you are.


Monthly Subscriptions

We offer monthly subscriptions for every family size. Depending on the size of your family, you can choose a subscription correspondingly. Each subscription gets certain number of points to choose your basket items for customization.

member family
₹ 1,800.00 INR
per month
Small Veggies Basket

A perfect monthly veggies subscription for 2-3 member family. You get 4 deliveries as part of subscription. You can customize basket using our Mobile app.

member family
₹ 2,500.00 INR
per month
Medium Veggies Basket

A perfect monthly veggies subscription for 4-5 member family. You get 4 deliveries as part of subscription. You can customize basket using our Mobile app.

member family
₹ 3,600.00 INR
per month
Large Veggies Basket

A perfect monthly veggies subscription for 6-8 member family. You get 4 deliveries as part of subscription. You can customize basket using our Mobile app.


Feel good stories from our clients.

Archana Madhu

I got introduced to AUGR SHOP by one of my relatives in this pandemic situation thats the best thing I should say. Organic fresh Vegetables at your doorstep. Customer service is very good. They listen to my queries very patiently. My complaints/doubts are explained very well.

Seetha Chalicham

I have been taking vegetables from about more than a year. Online order and delivery came in handy during pandemic. The good thing is when spoiled stuff is notified on delivery if any, they reimburse to the next order. I am happy about the supply because they taste genuine organic which is different from the market stuff.

Gayatri Sastry

I took a conscious decision to shift to organic vegetables. I came across many other organic sellers on the internet. None of them matched the quality, prompt delivery, and ready to help customer service and the freshness that AUGR SHOP has been delivering. Keep up the good service AUGR Team! Way to go!

Veeraiah Gupta

We are one of the regular customers of AUGR for the last 3 years of taking their vegetables. and grocery items required. After having satisfied their quality products and service, introduced many of our neighbors to become their customers. We wish AUGR for  their prosperity and success.

Autopilot your organic veggies and grocery,
and start feeling healthy.

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Explore our grocery items

We procure grocery is from selective passionate and certified organic farmers. Natural and organic grocery speaks with its quality. The only way you know the difference is just try once.

Kodo Millet Rice
₹ 126.00 INR

Kodo Millet Rice intake is found to reduce fasting blood glucose level and promotes significant increase in serum insulin levels.

Dry Red Chilli
₹ 210.00 INR

Dry Red Chilli is the most common type of chilli, it is used for making hot and spicy dishes.

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Nutritionally designed fruit and veggie baskets your family will feel amazing and healthy


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my basket for every delivery?

Yes, you can. Once you subscribe to a subscription plan, you will receive every week one basket with organic natural fruits and veggies from qualified farmers. You can customize your basket every week two days before delivery.

When will I receive my order?

On either Saturday or Wednesday. Organic farmers harvest their fresh produce every Tuesday and Friday. We procure from them on the same day, and will deliver to your door step next day.

Can I skip a delivery?

Yes, you can skip delivery. You will get option to choose extra next week or extend subscription for another additional week.

Can I return spoiled veggies in the delivery?

No worries, we give refund warranty for veggies we deliver. We refund points associated with the spoiled veggies. So that you can order extra in the next week delivery.

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